At Hotel Moseralm we have always stood for regionality and tradition, which is why or spa mainly makes use of regional products, too.

In order to restore harmony to your body and spirit, our 3 main service lines are: Detox & Purification, Relaxation, Energy & Vitality, to satify your every need.
Our range of services also includes Well being & Well aging and Ayurveda treatments and packages.
Pillow Menu: Find the pillow of your choice in our sun-filled relaxation room. The pillows have been filled with fresh hay flowers (relaxing effect), obtained directly from the Moseralm alpine meadows, or with fragrant pine needles (calming effect).
Tea: You find tea mixtures and fruit freshly prepared for you each day in our sun-filled relaxation room.
Alpine pine needle pack
This treatment encourages you to breathe deeply, promoting relaxation while at the same time boosting your mood.
Price: 50.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes

Pine needles are regarded as "uplifters of the soul".

Anti-stress massage
For mental and physical relaxation, increasing vitality and ensuring restorative sleep.
Price: 58.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Stress and tension are relieved, resulting in a long-lasting improvement of your general sense of well-being.
Natural hot stone massage
Fragrant oil and basalt stones – heated to 50° C – meet the energy centres of the human body.
Price: 68.00 €
Duration: 55 minutes
These temperature contrasts relieve stress, strongly boost blood circulation, loosen muscle tension and activate the body's forces. An extraordinary feeling of well-being floods through the entire body, with complete relaxation for the mind and spirit.
Honey-goat’s milk Bath
An eastern, Egyptian bath form, which particularly maintains your skin, animated, their humidity supplies and it probably-smelling and supple makes.
Price: 20.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes
The skin receives a new gloss.
Rose Bath
It is doing good a relaxing smell bath for the beauty, for the skin.
Price: 20.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes
This bath harmonizes and strokes your soul.