Energy & Vitality

At Hotel Moseralm we have always stood for regionality and tradition, which is why or spa mainly makes use of regional products, too.

In order to restore harmony to your body and spirit, our 3 main service lines are: Detox & Purification, Relaxation, Energy & Vitality, to satify your every need.
Our range of services also includes Well being & Well aging and Ayurveda treatments and packages.
Pillow Menu: Find the pillow of your choice in our sun-filled relaxation room. The pillows have been filled with fresh hay flowers (relaxing effect), obtained directly from the Moseralm alpine meadows, or with fragrant pine needles (calming effect).
Tea: You find tea mixtures and fruit freshly prepared for you each day in our sun-filled relaxation room.
Energy & Vitality
Juniper and hay flower massage / pack
Selected herbs from high alpine mountain meadows in the South Tyrol and the magical strength of mountain juniper will make you forget how tired you are after a day of sport.
Price: 50.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes

The synergistic effects of the various essences will relax and strengthen your body and mind.

This massage is somewhat more intensive.
Price: 54.00 €
Duration: 40 minutes

All muscles, from the neck down to the legs, are massaged with traditional massage oils. This massage is particularly suitable for athletes after an intensive day of sport.

Back massage
This targeted massage loosens your back muscles and relieves any tension.
Price: 48.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes
This is an oil massage used to stimulate the rear upper body, from the buttocks to the shoulders, adapting the intensity of the massage to the person's individual requirements.
Leg massage with chestnut/mint gel
A deep muscle massage specially for tired and stressed legs, loosening the muscles and stimulating blood circulation.
Price: 48.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes

A mint/chestnut gel is then applied, which is ideal for relaxation and feels refreshing after a day of walking or other sports activities.

Head and neck massage
Stress-related head and neck problems are often due to tense neck muscles.
Price: 48.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes
This massage targets special relaxation points and loosens these blockages with a head and neck massage.
Energy bath
This bath is a real boost for tired bodies lacking in energy.
Price: 20.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes

You will immediately have a feeling of freshness and lightness as a result of the specially mixed herbs and essences.