The secrets of Ayurveda

Traditional wisdom and traditional practices merge into the philosophy of Ayurveda, a highly effective healing art from India. At the Hotel Moseralm, you can experience a Garshan massage with wild silk gloves or an Abhyanga massage with fragrant vegetable oil.
Price: 75.00 €
Duration: 70 minutes
This massage is a wonderful treatment for the relaxation, regeneration and harmonisation of all organ systems. Warm vegetable oil, enriched with essential oils or herbal extracts, is poured onto the skin. All inner channels are opened and the body is stimulated to cleanse and heal itself.
Price: 63.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
A massage carried out with raw silk gloves, balancing the skin’s electrostatic charge, which has a very pleasant, relaxing effect. It also stimulates blood circulation and acts as a gentle scrub.
Price: 67.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
In the Ayurveda, the head is described as the „gates to heaven“ through which humans experience their true nature and are linked to the infinity of the universe. A head treatment can open these gates and allow us to receive the beneficial gifts of heaven. Shirodhara is one of the most intensive
Ayurvedic treatments Two litres of warm oil are gently poured over the forehead, relieving stress and anxiety.
Jambira Pina Sweda
Price: 72.00 €
Duration: 70 minutes
This is a soothing Ayurvedic thermal massage. This whole-body slimming massage stimulates perspiration and involves the use of hot, oil-saturated bags of herbs called „bolis“. The fragrant herbal bags are filled with coconut, lemon and herbal oils and glide smoothly over the skin, so that the scrub effect achieved is hardly noticeable. A very effective slimming massage. This is also an effective anti-ageing or rejuvenating treatment.