Tschetterloch Cave

In Valle del Ciamin (Tschamintal) Valley, behind Tiers, there is a deep tunnel not high above the creek that leads under Sciliar (Schlern) Mountain; it runs so deep that it takes more than a quarter of an hour to get to the end. In front of the opening, there is a waterfall rushing down so that anyone who wants to see it must first endure the weight of water rushing down upon him.
Way back at the end of Tschetterloch Cave, there is a space inside where a table and benches were discovered lining the walls.
Some say, that these belonged to shepherds who sought shelter here long ago; other say that it was here that the first Christians celebrated mass in secret, when persecution raged against them; still others, however, believe that giants once lived inside Tschetterloch Cave, along with their dogs; the last group believe that these caves served the Saligen people as a place to live where they were protected from being persecuted by giants and humans and that the Lord God himself placed the waterfall there.

Source: Heyl, Johann Adolf, Volkssagen, Bräuche und Meinungen aus Tirol, Bressanone-Brixen 1897, page 354. Translation: Cassandra Han and Lorenzo Viti.
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