There was once a hermit named Tschei, who lived on a slope above Welschnofen (Nova Levante.)
Tschei had been cruelly driven away by the villagers, and so he and his friend Jocher decided to climb up into the Rose Garden. Because no one in the village wanted to buy his cattle from him, they took them with them. One day, a farmer was desperately searching for his sheep, and he discovered a green meadow which was covered with neither snow nor ice. He became curious, and walked over to this meadow. When he got there, that’s where he found his sheep. There was also a hut, out of which an old, gray-haired man came. It was Tschei, and he said that the man should take his sheep and never come back. A short time later, a hunter found a hatchet, and everyone said that it must belong to Tschei, and that he had forgotten it when he moved up to the Rose Garden. But one day, an old man came and fetched the hatchet and disappeared into a crack in the mountain.
Today, the Tscheiner Slope is still not completely covered with vegetation. One spot near a crack in the mountain lacks growth.
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