The Dwarf of the Latemar

A poor farmer woman lived on a slope with her many children. They suffered great privations. The oldest child, a girl, had to leave home early to each day to work.
One day, the girl discovered a dwarf in a crack in the mountain. The dwarf motioned for the girl to come closer. The girl did as she was ordered, and came to a large crack in the mountain in which there was a big pan. The dwarf posed the girl a question and then said that she could have the pan. The girl dragged the pan home, where her family was amazed to see it. But they always used the pan. This magic pan would always fill up when it was put on the fire, even if only a few ingredients were placed into it.
Years later, as the girl – who had now grown into a young farmer woman – inherited the farmstead, she enlarged it and became seven children. A short time later, there was a knock at the window, and the farmer woman knew what she would have to do. Starting then, she cooked for the dwarf and placed the food into the attic. This continued for many years, until one day the woman’s daughter-in-law refused to cook for the dwarf. Thus, she placed the empty pan into the attic. On the next day, the pan had disappeared, and the family again suffered great privations. There, where their farmstead used to be, one can still see a red mass of loose rocks, and no one can live there.
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