The Dirlingers

A few years later, the Dirlingers came and settled in the mouths of the Locher Valley.
Disputes were constantly breaking out between the Dirlingers and the wild men. But when the Dirlingers demanded the Grunschaft Meadow for themselves, this led to the last and greatest conflict. The wild men had many fearless warriors, but they nonetheless lost the battle.
A few years later, the sole survivor among the wild men, the Glacier Man, searched for his allies, but in vain. But as fate would have it, the Dirlingers didn’t enjoy their victory for long. At first, the rich Dirlingers ones promised the poor ones the best land. But the rich broke their promise, and so one of the poor Dirlingers journeyed to the “Witch’s Cauldron” to call upon the Devil for help in spreading the Plague. As a result, everything was torn down and even the most-beautiful meadows soon disappeared into the forest.
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