Our History

The Moseralm Alpine Hotel can look back on a long history rich in tradition.

A small Alpine farmhouse, hardly more than a hut, belonging to the Moserhof farmstead in Welschnofen / Nova Levante, once stood here. In the summer, hay was brought down from the surrounding meadows and stored here. In the wintertime, the farmhouse was uninhabited - until August 26, 1948, when Siegfried Auer, one of the twelve children of the "Moserhof Family," returned to his homeland after ten years at the front and a lengthy spell in Russian P.O.W. camps.
He led a secluded life at the Moser farmhouse, where the so-called "Moder" (hay workers) from the Moserhof farmstead and from the nearby villages would drop by only during the summer months. He fell in love with Filomena, a young and pretty girl from the Ulten Valley / Val d'Ultimo who had been helping him out at the farmhouse. So he built a little nest with four small rooms, all in wood. On May 1, 1952, wedding bells rang. At that time, the little farmhouse began welcoming its first guests. The couple had seven children, and continued expanding the building. After several additions and renovations, and with the help of their extended family, their daughter Monika and her husband Georg Eisath took over the hotel in the year 2002.

In the year 2006, they greatly expanded the 4-star hotel. And with that, the hotel achieved a level of perfection leaving nothing more to be desired.
Like over the past 60 years, the family is still making every effort to offer their guests a unique holiday experience in the midst of the pristine natural environment of the Dolomites. After all, that has been the hotel's primary goal and purpose since it was first founded.