Dolomiti Hotels

Four hotels, four special places, and one family

In the Dolomites of South Tyrol – the most-famous and most-beautiful mountains of the world – four special, family-operated hotels invite you to join in on the fun and enjoy an active vacation. These are places noted for the attentive hospitality and culinary prowess lavished upon their guests. The Auer siblings with their families from the Dolomiti hotels are professionals when it comes to ensuring that you enjoy exciting and memorable holidays in South Tyrol.

Together, they offer not only warmth and cordiality to all their guests – they also have a fascinating history: Where the Moseralm Dolomiti Hotel now stands, there was once a small barn belonging to the Moser Farmstead in Welschnofen / Nova Levante. Siegfried Auer was one of twelve children in the "Moser Farmstead family." At the age of 17, he (instead of his older brother) was drafted into the army. He then spent ten hard years at war and in Russian captivity. In 1949, Siegfried returned and retired to the "Moserschwaige." There, he lived alone and worked as a lumberjack in the Karer Forest. In the summer, the hay harvesters came to the slopes and would stop in at the Schwaige. In the summer of 1951, Filomena, a young and lively girl from the Ulten Valley, pitched in and helped out; a year later, in May of 1952, wedding bells range for Filomena and Siegfried. That's about the time that the "Moserschwaige" started hosting guests.
From its humble roots as a small inn back in the 1950s, the Moserschwaige developed over the years into a unique resort location in the Dolomites with a special wellness concept. Like their parents, Filomena and Siegfried, the children – Erika, Carola, Monika, and Markus – place a lot of importance on personal contact with their guests and helping them to enjoy the wonderful experiences offered by the "Rose Garden" and the Latemar in the Dolomites. The four Dolomiti Hotels Alpenrose, Marica, Moseralm, and Oberlehenhof all reflect this attitude.

60 years of experience, a constant striving to learn and improve, a willingness to evolve and blaze new trails, yet remaining true to its basic concept: In keeping with this motto, the third generation intends to continue the family tradition and help their guests appreciate the stunning beauty of the Dolomites. Guided hikes, group ski days, and biking tours in the South Tyrolean Dolomites (which was declared a UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site in 2009) all contribute to the great group spirit and enhance your holiday fun. It's rare luxury to immerse oneself in a pristine nature – a treasure that we must conserve and protect.

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