King Laurin

The Laurin ski tour will take you first to the Rose Garden Alpine hut, with a breath-taking panoramic view of the realm of the legendary dwarf king who was so proud of his rose garden.
On the meadows of the Moseralm, Laurin first set eyes on his great love, the Princess Simhild. He sought her hand, but to no avail. He therefore stole the pretty girl away. The Laurin Tour will take you all the way down to the Karer Pass, over "Simhild's Brother," and to the Gothic King Dietrich. It was they who freed the princess. Laurin was mad with anger. The flowers of love were suddenly a source of disgust for him, and he cursed the Rose Garden! "The glorious roses shall never again see either the bright light of day or the darkness of the night!" But King Laurin forgot about the twilight, the time between day and night. Since that time, the Rose Garden is bathed in a delicate crimson every evening and morning.
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