Piroche Cosmétiques

Create your spa,
with Piroche Cosmetiques
Cosmétiques, a company based
in Alto Adige, prides in thirty years
of experience in the professional
cosmetics sector, experience builtthrough
cooperation with beauty
parlours, beauty farms, spas,
wellness and beauty centres.
The winning corporate mission focuses on
achieving maximum benefit from the convergence
of nature, research cosmetics and a wellness
culture. The goal has been achieved with the
“Piroche Cosmétiques Method” based on bioenergetics.
Effective body and facial treatments,
which result in actual psychophysical wellbeing
that is mirrored by a fresh, bright and absolutely
natural appearance.

All Piroche Cosmétiques treatments are based on three basic actions:
The bioenergy drainage method
developed by Piroche
Cosmétiques, combined with
active substances contained
in Piroche Cosmétiques products,
purifies the body of toxins
that build up due to diet
disorders, negative environmental
disorders and stress.
Only after purification is the
body ready to absorb new
precious substances.
By combining Bioaromas –
blends of specially selected
Piroche Cosmétiques essential
oils – and Piroche Cosmétiques
products chosen to
suit each client’s blemishes,
the beautician offers treatments
that meet the body’s
demands in the energy and
cosmetics frameworks. Body
and spirit are thus restored to
their natural balance.
The result of this effective
treatment concept is holistic.
It leads to the regeneration
and activation of body cells;
the regeneration of the mind
restored internal balance.
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