Rosengarten / Latemar

Between the Trudner Horn Nature Park and the Puez-Geisler / Puez Odles Nature Park, the seven mountain villages of the region (Welschnofen / Nova Levante, Deutschnofen / Nova Ponente, Petersberg, Obereggen / San Floriano, Eggen, Lake Karer / Lago di Carezza, Tiers / Tires, St. Zyprian / S. Cipriniano, and Steinegg / Collepietra) are framed by the picturesque Alpine scenery, foremost the impressive Schlern / Sciliar Massive, the Rose Garden Group, the Latemar, as well as the Schwarzhorn / Corno Nero and the Weisshorn / Corno Bianco.

Perhaps the most-beautiful view of the "Pale Giants" is of the Rosengarten Massive as it shimmers in the crimson twilight, a sight which has become memorialized in the legend of King Laurin:
Because of his unrequited love for the beautiful Princess Simhild, King Laurin cursed his Rosengarten, which had previously been his pride and joy. "The glorious roses shall never again see either the bright light of day or the darkness of the night!" But King Laurin forgot about the twilight, the time between day and night. Since that time, the Rosengarten is bathed in a delicate crimson every evening and morning.
But you'll learn much more than the Legend of King Laurin during your holidays here. There's also the story of the Steinegger "Earth Pyramids," the dragon-slayer "Starkwölfl," the "Dolls of Latemar," the legend of Kasererbild in Steinegg / Collepietra, and the mermaid of Lake Karer / Lago di Carezza, who gave the rainbow its colors.