Excursion to the farmsteads

The cross path leads to the Lengeria pilgrimage chapel and then on to Foro del Lupo (wolf's hole). Until 200 years ago, the surrounding woods were home to wolfes and bears. It is said that the very last wolf was captured
in this 4 metre-deep hole in 1822.
Route: Nova Levante - church square, path no. 5 to the Lengeria chapel, Foro del lupo, path no. 1 to the
Schillerhof hut (1555 m), path no. 4A to the Hagner mountain farm, path no. 4B to the Jocherhof farmstead,
path no. 4C to the Hotel Rosengarten and path no. 4D back to the point of departure.
Degree of difficulty: average-difficult excursion

Difference in altitude: 400 m
Duration: 4-5 hours
Eateries: Schillerhof hut, Hagner mountain farm, Jocherhof farmstead, Hotel Rosengarten.
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